2013 Swedenborg Transcendence Prize winner may not actually exist.

After threat of legal action from  Aloha! Geothermal Construction and Maintenance Ltd. this post has been edited for clarifications regarding the existence of the Black Prism Group. 

"The 2013 Swedenborg Transcendence Prize is awarded to the (rumored) Black Prism Group, for their (alleged) contributions to the (assumed) Billion Year Kingdom project on the (possibly existing) Spheres Eternal volcanic island." No spokesperson for the (probably nonexistent) Black Prism Group has been available for comment.

2013 Swedenborg Prophecy Prize: A True Visionary.

"The 2013 Swedenborg Prize in Prophecy is awarded to Typewriter Joe, for his important production, which with clear-sighted earnestness illuminates the problems of the human conscience in our times, while constantly warning of a plane-crash which will bring about a new world order by killing United States President Jimmy Carter."

The Last Krauthammer.

I meet Dixie and Honey, the irish setters, before I even see Ray Tanner. He takes his time coming out to meet me on the lawn in front of his house, and by the time he's made his way down the worn porch steps, the dogs are going absolutely berserk.

Aboard the Jormungand.

The WW2 exhibit at the Berlin Museum of Super-War has a timeline which stretches from 1938 to December 1949, four years after the official end of the war. This was the year the Jormungand was sunk.

What's called a "mixed bag".

This will basically be an art dump, all narrativeless. Oh, hi again, by the way. I've been a tad busy doing my internship (compositing, etc.), but now that I've settled in a bit I'm finally back to drawing stuff on good old honest paper. The first picture is an attempt at some sword and sorcery, eloquently called "dragon fight".

Artillery! Bang!

Hi! No fancy backstory or anything for this one, I just wanted to draw clothes and guns. Making up uniforms is one of my favourite things in the world. Also: the sword is on the wrong side, but what are you gonna do about it, nerd?!

Nazi Super Weapons.

"The first German space suit, which saw only limited use in the 1943 battle of Lagrange-point 3, was first conceived in a dream by Adolf Hitler. It was designed and built by Daimler-Benz. The robotic extra arms were powerful but limited the maneuverability of the suit. The construction proved vulnerable on the ground during the Soviet taking of an A-6 rocket launch facility,  since soldiers wearing the suits couldn't get up after falling down. This spurred German engineers into developing the more well-known mark-2 suit, which was much lighter and less rigid. The officer in the picture is holding a Space-Luger, the first sidearm functional in hard vaccuum."