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Excerpts From A Travelogue: Huskland Hounds.

"Their leader had served as a guard in the city of Mendel, my translator told me, but had been discharged after mauling a rioter during the long eclipse. His fur was less thick than that of the other Molossi in the band - the loud Free Jaw mercenaries and the quiet tribal trackers. It seemed to me that he had something of the street thug about him, the smooth calm of the gutter Hound."

A Proposal.

"So it was that Dor Moshash the geometer king came before the she-worm Brigadora of Garm: for she had taken the city and ruled it wisely as queen."

Frukt & co.

Here's the first colored (but not yet lettered) page from the fruit-themed comic I was telling you about! This is just a teaser, I'll put all of them up for reading, as soon as I'm done coloring etc.