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A Proposal.

"So it was that Dor Moshash the geometer king came before the she-worm Brigadora of Garm: for she had taken the city and ruled it wisely as queen."

Road Trip.

Got the bike today. ‘42 Monsun. Old piece-of-shit Reich bike. Magic powered, got some rosary beads from the convent down on Reagan that should get me as far as Tucson, maybe. The bastard broke down a couple of miles down the I-10. Pulled over and opened it up and spent two hours in the sun scraping forty years of caked resin from the altar chamber. Having fun.

Excerpts From A Travelogue: The Coiling Road.

“It is my belief that the blood of a beast is something like a rememory engine of old, storing every cruelty committed against the animal’s ancestors and reminding it to run from men. I admit to feeling strangely guilty when the schildbok bounded so desperately away from me. To the antelope I was, apparently, surrounded by the ghosts of long-dead hunters.”

Excerpts From A Travelogue: The Tomb City Of Nyxa.

"As we forded the Black river, the Tomb City of Nyxa did rise in the distance, carved from the rock of the mountain called Night. It gleamed in the sun to greet us, the fabled Bronze Gate through which the conqueror Tomas Radax could not ride without weeping for all the beauty that would be lost to war. But the gate still stands and is beautiful still. Banners flutter from the old watchtower, melted like a candle by some calamity of a long-forgotten age."

2013 Swedenborg Transcendence Prize winner may not actually exist.

After threat of legal action from  Aloha! Geothermal Construction and Maintenance Ltd. this post has been edited for clarifications regarding the existence of the Black Prism Group. 

"The 2013 Swedenborg Transcendence Prize is awarded to the (rumored) Black Prism Group, for their (alleged) contributions to the (assumed) Billion Year Kingdom project on the (possibly existing) Spheres Eternal volcanic island." No spokesperson for the (probably nonexistent) Black Prism Group has been available for comment.

2013 Swedenborg Prophecy Prize: A True Visionary.

"The 2013 Swedenborg Prize in Prophecy is awarded to Typewriter Joe, for his important production, which with clear-sighted earnestness illuminates the problems of the human conscience in our times, while constantly warning of a plane-crash which will bring about a new world order by killing United States President Jimmy Carter."

The Last Krauthammer.

I meet Dixie and Honey, the irish setters, before I even see Ray Tanner. He takes his time coming out to meet me on the lawn in front of his house, and by the time he's made his way down the worn porch steps, the dogs are going absolutely berserk.