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Road Trip.

Got the bike today. ‘42 Monsun. Old piece-of-shit Reich bike. Magic powered, got some rosary beads from the convent down on Reagan that should get me as far as Tucson, maybe. The bastard broke down a couple of miles down the I-10. Pulled over and opened it up and spent two hours in the sun scraping forty years of caked resin from the altar chamber. Having fun.

The Last Krauthammer.

I meet Dixie and Honey, the irish setters, before I even see Ray Tanner. He takes his time coming out to meet me on the lawn in front of his house, and by the time he's made his way down the worn porch steps, the dogs are going absolutely berserk.

Aboard the Jormungand.

The WW2 exhibit at the Berlin Museum of Super-War has a timeline which stretches from 1938 to December 1949, four years after the official end of the war. This was the year the Jormungand was sunk.

Nazi Super Weapons.

"The first German space suit, which saw only limited use in the 1943 battle of Lagrange-point 3, was first conceived in a dream by Adolf Hitler. It was designed and built by Daimler-Benz. The robotic extra arms were powerful but limited the maneuverability of the suit. The construction proved vulnerable on the ground during the Soviet taking of an A-6 rocket launch facility,  since soldiers wearing the suits couldn't get up after falling down. This spurred German engineers into developing the more well-known mark-2 suit, which was much lighter and less rigid. The officer in the picture is holding a Space-Luger, the first sidearm functional in hard vaccuum."